Apple iPhone SE Plus Full Specifications, Release Date

Apple iPhone SE Plus comes with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 3000 mAh battery...

Apple iPhone SE Plus Full Specifications, Release Date

Hello readers, today we are going to talk about the Apple iPhone SE Plus smartphone. This comes with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 3000 mAh battery, 6.1 inch large IPS display, and A13 Bionic chipset. If we talk about the camera, it has 12 MP primary and 7 MP selfie camera.

Key Specs (expected)

Specifications Value
Launched April 15, 2021, (Unofficial)
Display 6.1 inch
Processor A13 Bionic
Storage 64GB
Battery Capacity 3000mAh
Rear Camera 12 MP
Front Camera 7 MP
Weight (g) --
Charger 15 W
Fingerprint Side

Must watch this video for full details

Apple iPhone SE Plus Full Specification video

The iPhone SE plus is looking incredible. And I'll be sharing the details.

So today we've got plenty of information about the iPhone SE plus, or iPhone SE 3, as many are calling it. We've got news on its release more information on specifications as well as the new 3d render that shows off this design. So when it comes to the iPhone SE plus we've had so much conflicting information, while there's still varying information that we're slowly getting towards the truth.

Now, Nick, I continue to report that there will be no iPhone SE plus this year. But thankfully, they are the only ones reporting that we've got Ross young Ming Chico and the Barclays analysts all reporting the iPhone SE plus launch is going to be in spring 2021. So hopefully there's not too much longer to wait. Now with spring launch, it makes the most sense given that it's coming early enough and it will then not be competing with the flagship range coming in September.

Now when it comes to the design, we all expected the iPhone SE plus to look just like last year's SE but of course larger. But it now seems that it's not going to be the case. And possibly the reason that they did not launch together last year, we've got a new concept render published by tech shocking that reveals that what could well be the design of the iPhone SE plus 2021. And I have to say it looks great, although some aspects could well be different. Now this concept render isn't just made up, but it comes off a lot of leaked information last week, it's now thought that the iPhone SE plus is going to take a full-screen display approach looks somewhat like the previous 11.

Apple previously claimed that there will be a punch or selfie camera on the front. But that's very unlikely and most people are agreeing that it will have a notch as you can see him. Now the one thing about this render that in my opinion is probably going to be wrong is of course the flat edges. It could be possible as Apple released flat phones this year.

But it's also very likely that it's going to use the shell of an old smartphone to save money. So that's most likely going to be the 10 out of the 11. Now there are also a few people claiming that the iPhone SE plus is going to come with an OLED display. But again, that's very unlikely to happen. The whole point in the SE is to provide a budget smartphone, so expect an IPS LCD display. Of course, having a notch on the iPhone SE plus will mean that it can support face ID. There are also many reports stating that it will have Touch ID.

Now this is however it can be on the power button and not inside the display. Or we've all been expecting the A13 to be powering the SE plus there are many reports coming out now that say it's actually going to be the A14 bionic and it's going to come coupled with 64 128 or 256 storage on the rear according to this render here and a couple of reports that we have had. It says a dual-camera setup and that's a 12+12 megapixel. Now this concept render shows off other features such as MagSafe. But again, that's just an idea that seems to be in this concept. Don't expect it in the actual SE plus is it's just a budget model so it's unlikely to have it. But the video from Tech shocking gives us a good idea of what the iPhone SE plus could look like but as I said imagine this with curved edges instead of flat.

Now as I said there is a lot of conflicting information. And the other set of leaks points to an iPhone SE plus that resembles and uses a lot of parts from the 10R but of course with an updated chipset. Now personally, I think this is the most likely outcome and it fits well with the previous SE releases we've seen. We're now going to run through the full spec's design and price on the assumption that it will use many parts from the 10R to help you guys decide if this is the right smartphone for you. So when it comes to the iPhone SE plus for 2021 according to the latest leaked what we essentially have is the iPhone XR with some improved specifications. To make it suitable for 2021.

We get a 6.1 inch IPS display with a resolution of 828 by 1792 then this will not be in an AMOLED display, but just a normal LCD to save costs. We've got a 19 and a half by nine aspect ratio in 326 pixels per inch and the display will of course be protected by Gorilla Glass. We've got the more recent iPhone look for the SE plus with smaller bezels all round and a notch on the top to house the face ID cameras. According to the leak, we may also be getting a touch ID in the form of a fingerprint scanner on the power button.

When it comes to the selfie camera, we get a 7-megapixel standard camera with an aperture of F2.2. On the rear, it's again a single camera setup, but this time it's a 12-megapixel wide-angle with an aperture of F1.8. It also has Face Detect autofocus and optical stabilization. In terms of hardware, people are still unsure if it's the A14 or the A13. But personally, I think we'll get the apple A13 bionic, which even in 2021 is a powerful chipset, it's going to be coupled with 4 gigs of RAM and a choice of 64, 128 or 256 storage. It's all powered by a 3000 milliamp-hour battery with support for 15-watt fast charging, as well as wireless charging, and it's going to be IP67 water-resistant, it's going to support Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi six, and the color choices are still unknown at this time.

It will of course shipped with iOS14. When it comes to pricing, it's something that may change over the coming months, analysts are predicting that the reason for a later launch for the iPhone SE plus is to keep the price down and in line with the iPhone SE that we saw last year. If the latest leaks are true, however, then expect a small bump due to the increased specs. So it's estimated that the iPhone SE plus could start from $500 or $450 pounds on release, which isn't bad for a new iPhone in 2021. Now unfortunately, that's all the news I have for you guys today. And of course, there are still many conflicting leaks. I'll continue to keep updating on these however as more and more information comes to light, and as we get closer to launch, they will get more accurate.

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