Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Full Specifications, Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with 16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, 4600 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Full Specifications, Release Date

Hello guys, today we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone. This comes with 16 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, 4600 mAh battery, 7.6 inch large AMOLED display, and Snapdragon 875+ processor. If we talk about the camera, it has 12 MP primary and -- MP selfie camera.

Key Specs (expected)

Specifications Value
Launched June, 2021, (Unofficial)
Display 7.6 inch
Processor Snapdragon 875+
Storage 512GB
Battery Capacity 4600mAh
Rear Camera 12 MP
Front Camera ---
Weight (g) --
Charger ---
Fingerprint ---

Must watch this video for full details

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Full Specifications video

So this week we've got more news on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, we've got the news that it may be coming earlier as well as replacing the note. We've also got a new Z Fold 3 render in use of a chipset and design change. Before we get started though, So the first story of the day is about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 replacing the note there have been stories saying it will then more saying it won't. But in Samsung's 2020 financial results.

There was no mention of the note at all, is stated in the report in 2021 market demand is likely to recover with a gradual recovery in the economy and accelerating expansion of the 5g market. The mobile communications business aims to strengthen its leadership in the premium segment to the Galaxy S21 series and expansion of the foldable category, including the Galaxy Z Fold and the Z Flip. The fact that they've mentioned all of the flagships except the note means there's a good chance that it's not going to becoming.

Next up, we've got news that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may also be coming sooner than we expected. Korean publication bloater reports that after a great reception with its predecessor, we may actually see the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in May instead of August. And as we've seen with many other manufacturers that they're bringing their releases forward, there was a previous leak about field testers already testing the Z Fold 3. So this could well be true if they are aiming for a march release. Now, this field testing claim also came up from random stuff too. And to be fair, he was the first one to be posting videos of the S21 plus, so he has proved that he gets the devices early.

Next up, we've got many publications stating that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to be the first device with AMD graphics. This is thanks to a tweet from ice university that stated that we're going to see Samsung released a chipset with an AMD GPU in the second or third quarter of this year. Now this would fall in line with the Z four three launch in May. So the leaks do all add up. But ice universe also states that Samsung may change the release time of the new processor.

Now the Exynos also shown big improvements this year. And I think an AMD GPU is only going to push this further forward. Well, it would be great to see it this early in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, I'm still a little bit skeptical and think we may have to wait until next year. Now Next up, we've got lots of news about a new design for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, many blogs are stating that we'll now be getting a rolling extended device instead of the fold.

Now this is because of a new pattern that was discovered by let's go digital. But we have to be realistic here. Samsung files so many patterns. They also follow them way in advance. So if we're seeing it now then it's very unlikely to be for the Z Fold 3, its predecessor was very successful, and the device is growing in popularity. So I don't see Samsung straying too far away from that design.

This morning, a new concept render for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was published by Waqar Khan. And this is pretty much the device we're going to see the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to be an improved version of its predecessor, with minor adjustments to the design, but of course better hardware. And if the leaks are correct, then we'll also get S Pen support.

So overall, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is looking great. It's nice that we're finally getting more and more information, and a may launch would be great for those impatient ones. It's currently only one report stating may so until it gets further Wait, then I'm going to assume it's August. Of course we've already got plenty of information about the specs design and the pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. So we're gonna run through it all now.

The inner display is likely to remain a similar size considering we've already got trimmed down bezels we can expect a 7.6-inch dynamic am AMOLED display with a resolution of 1768 by 2208. And this will have a 120-hertz refresh rate.

The front screen is likely to remain the same as well, which is a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED led with a resolution of 2260 by 816. The biggest change here is of course going to be the screen protector with 60-micrometer ultra-thin glass that not only helps with the durability but should also provide a nicer touch experience for the user. When it comes to the selfie camera. We've got no information yet many reports and rumors are hinting at the first interspace selfie camera but we've got no idea what sensor or lens Samsung is using.

This on the rear, it's likely to be a triple or a quad camera setup. Now Samsung tend to keep things similar across their range. And so I would expect the new camera module that we're seeing in the s range to be present. And it's likely that there'll be using similar 12-megapixel sensors, instead of going with the 108 megapixel HM2, when it comes to ram and storage, Samsung tend to push things high with the fold models. So I would estimate the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to have 16 gigs of DDR 5 RAM, and this will be coupled with 128, 256 or 512 storage, it's most likely going to be powered by the Snapdragon 875+, and the Exynos equivalent, whatever they decide to name it. And there are rumors of a 5000 milliamp-hour battery. But personally, I don't see that happening, they're likely to remain at a similar size.

So with improvements of space internally and new tech, I would estimate a minor increase that so maybe something like 4600 milliamp hours, it will of course, it was OneUI three based on Android 11. And being so early on color variants just cannot be confirmed, it will probably have as much water protection as they can. But we're unlikely to see any official IP ratings due to it's difficult to waterproof design, we're expecting an August launch and if things carry on as normal when it comes to the pricing, we of course know it's going to be a lot so we can expect between $2,000-$2,100 if we see the usual price increment. Now of course, a lot of this is just sensible estimates on top of the leaks we have because we're so far away from launch, but I'll be keeping you guys up to date as any new news comes in.

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