The Best Smartphone Gimbal 2021 - DJI vs Aochuan vs Hohem

In this article, we will talk about three of the best smartphone gimbal options that you can buy in 2021.

The Best Smartphone Gimbal 2021 - DJI vs Aochuan vs Hohem

In this article, we will talk about three of the best smartphone gimbal options that you can buy in 2021. And we will find out which one that you should get. Today we will compare the DJI OM4, Hohem iSteady X and the Aochuan Smart XR gimbal.

Specs Comparison

Specs DJI OM4 Hohem iSteady X Aochuan Smart XR
Price $149 $69 $109
Battery life 15 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Charge time 150 min 120 min 160 min
Tilt angle 235° deg 270° deg 110° deg
Panning angle 171° deg 320° deg 340° deg
Rolling angle 198° deg 320° deg 330° deg
Payload 290 grams 290 grams 250 grams
Weight 390 grams 259 grams 370 grams


Rating DJI OM4 Hohem iSteady X Aochuan Smart XR
Steadiness ⭐5/5 ⭐5/5 ⭐5/5
Parallax shot ⭐5/5 ⭐4.8/5 ⭐4.5/5
Balancing ⭐5/5 ⭐4/5 ⭐4/5
Locked mode ⭐4.8/5 ⭐5/5 ⭐4.5/5

Where to buy

DJI OM4 - $149.00
⭐ 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal
Hohem iSteady X - $69.00
⭐ 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal
Aochuan Smart XR - $109.00
⭐ 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

Please watch this video for full detail

The Best Smartphone Gimbal video

I have divided this comparison into nine different categories and the winner of each category will get three points, the second place will get two points and the third place will get one point. So let's jump right into the comparison.

Packaging and the price:

First up, we will take a look at the packaging content plus the price basically all three Gimbal's have the exact same packaging content with all of them, you get the gimbal itself. Well luckily, you get a mini table tripod, a USB to USB type C cable and a little carrying pouch the DJI OM4 is the most expensive one coming in at $149. The Smart XR on the other hand, currently retails for about $100. And the Hohem iSteady X only costs about $69 which is super affordable. So for the first category, the ho hum gets three points, the Aochuan Smart XR gets two points and the OM4 takes to third place.

Overall steadiness:

Next up let's talk about the overall steadiness when doing a straight push in shot getting smooth shots requires you to have a perfectly balanced gimbal. And you need to walk like a ninja which means you have to bend your knees when you are walking. And when you do this, this will avoid the up and down movement and you need to practice this and when you do all those things and you get them right I could not really see a difference between any of them all three Gimbal's deliver amazing results, and that's why all of them get a single point there was no clear winner for me.

Parallax shot:

The third category is the steadiness when doing a parallax shot, which means that you move in one direction and pan into the opposite direction, and that's where I could see some differences. If you watch the full review about the Aochuan Smart XR gimbal you already know that I was very surprised and happy with the Hohem iSteady X overall, but when doing parallax shots, I couldn't get them as smooth as with the other gimbals. As with any of those, the Hohem iSteady X on the other hand really surprised me because it is the cheapest of them all actually buy a lot and it performs nearly as good as the DJI OM4 them for is in my opinion the smoothest of them all. So first place takes the DJI OM4 second one iSteady X and third place takes the Smart XR.


Fourth category is about the balancing of the Gimbal's and as always, when I do comparisons like these there is always a very, very clear winner, the Smart XR and the Hohem iSteady X these two, they are more kind of like traditional gimbals. When it comes to the balancing part. Once you've placed your phone into the phone mount, you can slide them up and down and also to the left and to the right. And you do this until your phone stays within the gimbal without falling over in any direction. The DJI OM4 for on the other hand has a little clamp this one which is magnetic and you just put your phone into this clamp, align the dots and you turn it on and you are basically done. So the clear winner in this category is in my opinion, the DJI OM4 and since the other gimbals are so similar when it comes to the balancing part, each one of them will get two points.


Next up is the payload. The higher the payload, the more accessories you can put on your phone, like add on lenses for example, and the most expensive of the three DJI OM4 has a payload of 290 grams, which is very awesome. And I've used this gimbal a lot with my iPhone 12 Pro and an anamorphic lens and it worked a treat. The second highest payload has surprisingly the cheapest gimbal which is the Hohem iSteady X  with a payload of 290 grams which is very impressive and only 10 grams less than the DJI OM4 and I could also use the iPhone 12 Pro with the anamorphic lens on this gimbal it was a little more difficult, but it worked. And in the full review I cover this in more detail. So if you want to check this out, click the annotation and the third place takes the Smart XR it only has a payload of 250 grams which is great for normal usage you can get it balanced with basically every phone but it didn't work with an add on lens. So the DJI OM4 takes three points the iSteady X  two points and the Aochuan Smart XR  are only takes one okay so before we get to the next category, which will be the overall ease of use.

So next up, as I've already said, is the overall ease of use. And in my opinion, a big part of this category is the balancing part that we have just talked about with more traditional gimbals. A lot of people seem to struggle because the balancing is not that easy. And to be honest, it's not difficult, it just takes practice and you need to get used to this with the open forum, on the other hand, everybody can get it balanced. So I will definitely give the DJI OM4 three points because also the overall ease of use you There are just a few buttons and it's very intuitive. The other two gimbals are in my opinion very comparable. I do prefer the Smart XR  a little over the Hohem iSteady X because of this little screen that you have on the back of the gimbal it is extremely helpful for changing modes. So the Aochuan Smart XR  takes the second place and the home is iSteady X takes the third one. But with all of those gimbals you just have to get used to them. And then you can get great results with all of them.

Low mode:

Next category is low mode. And I will make this one very quickly. All of them offer a super easy transition from normal mode to low mode. And all of them perform pretty much identical, I didn't like any of them way better than the other ones. So I will call this category a draw and everyone will get a point.


The next category is about the different modes that the gimbals offer. And to be honest, I do not switch a lot between the different modes for about 90% of all my shots, I am just using the normal follow mode so that the gimbal just follows my movements. And for the rest of the time I am in the L mode which stands for locked so that the gimbal just stays at the same position no matter how I use the gimbal I most liked switching modes on the Smart XR  because of the little back screen and it was just super easy and you always knew in which mode you are in, at the moment second place takes the DJI OM4 it because for those two modes that I like using it is very simple to change between them. And last place takes the  iSteady X I didn't really like the switching that much.

Value for money:

The last category is value for money. So how much do you get for your money and in my opinion, by far the best bank for your buck delivers the  iSteady X this thing only costs about 60 euros and what you get for this is in my opinion very impressive if you want to learn more about this gimbal as I said before, I do have a separate review about it second place in my opinion takes to Aochuan Smart XR  this gimbal is also a lot cheaper than the DJI OM4 and in most aspects is definitely on point with the much more expensive DJI OM4 last place in my opinion takes the OM4 it is in my opinion the best game we'll have them all but it is also way more expensive. So as you can see in the final score, the OM4 did take the win, but just by a very slight advantage over the  iSteady X.

And in conclusion, I wanted to say that you can go wrong with either of them, I tested them all very intensively. And I got pretty much identical results with all of them. So as always don't just focus too much on the gear and that you have the absolute newest and best one it's way more important that you know how to use the gear that you have to its highest potential. So if you are on a tighter budget, I think the Hohem iSteady X is a superb option for you.

I hope you got some value out of it and it helped you choosing the right gimbal for you.

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