Xiaomi Mi 11 5G, Extreme specifications

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G comes with 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, 4600 mAh battery, 6.81 inch...

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G, Extreme specifications

Hello readers, today we are going to talk about the Xiaomi Mi 11 5G flagship smartphone. This comes with 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, 4600 mAh battery, 6.81 inch large OLED display, and Snapdragon 888 powerful processor. If we talk about the camera, it has 64 MP primary, 8 MP ultra wide and 32 MP punch hole selfie camera.

Key Specs-

Specifications Value
Launched Coming Soon
Display 6.81" FHD+ OLED
Processor Snapdragon 888
Storage 128GB
Battery Capacity 4,600mAh
Rear Camera 108MP + 13MP + 5MP
Front Camera 20MP
Weight (g) 196.00
Wireless Charging Yes
In-Display Fingerprint Yes
Refresh Rate 120Hz

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G in detail -

Xiaomi Mi 11 5G Video

Anyways, what the whole reason that last year's Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra holds such a place in my heart is that I remember this moment I had with it this moment where I took one look at the phone spec sheet mouth partly open and then took one look at the phone's price. And I couldn't for the life of me understand how they'd done it. The specs were up here, the price here. And so I'm happy to say that I've had a pretty similar experience with the Mi 11. Just keep in the back your mind when I tell you this that this phone is $600 or less that's the converted Chinese price. And listen to this. You got a 6.81 inch Quad HD plus amoled 120 hertz refresh rate screen which just happens to have pretty much the fastest touch response and the highest brightness of any phone ever. You get the Snapdragon 880 chipset, which makes is effectively the fastest Android on the planet right now. Not to mention 8 to 12 gigs of the fastest Ram 128 to 256 gigs of the fastest storage. And I'm not nearly done. It's got a 108 megapixel main camera, a set of Harman Kardon tuned dual stereo speakers, it supports 50 watt wireless charging, as well as the ability to reverse wireless charge other devices. This truly feels like Xiaomi is ace up its sleeve $600 so what's the catch? Well, it's definitely not this screen Xiaomi to me is has always been a company who makes good displays, but at the same time they've never really been in the highest tier.

Till now. I really can't emphasize just how premium video watching experience this is you pull up in YouTube and you feel this, this instant sense of smugness as you realize that you can play videos in not just 1440p but with HDR. And to be honest, the level of brightness that seems to outclass even the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is a film that's only five months old, and fundamentally twice the price, you get memc technology which can automatically add frames into videos to make them even smoother than when they were shot Not to mention the screen itself is made from like the best glass available Gorilla Glass Victor's for twice the scratch resistance versus last year. And I think the front camera here is like the smallest hole punched cutout on a phone yet. Oh, yeah.

And the speakers are amazing. And I don't know if this was intentional or not. But through the back of the phone, you can kind of feel the sound. It's like the whole phone is humming the tune of whatever you're watching. You might find it annoying. I personally liked it, especially if you're gaming. And let's say you're driving a car, you can feel the engine. And let's talk about gaming because this phone is fast, which is probably not really a surprise to you. I mean, the me 10 was fast. And yet this comes with a quicker chip, quicker display, quicker storage and more efficient software. But this thing is really fast. And I thought the best way of showing you just how fast was to find something that the last generation of phones struggled with. So I pulled up a Nintendo Wii emulator, I opened Call of Duty Modern Warfare three, set it to run at two times the native resolution with extra effects added on top. And sure enough my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was feeling the burden 15 frames per second on average, sometimes falling to five. This phone wasn't almost consistently going at around 30. It felt like playing a native Android game.

Obviously though, just the fact that I had to pull up such a niche scenario just to show you the difference does also go to show that it's not a night and day difference in most situations. But the final thing that I need to add to this list of things that impressed me is the software because the Mi Ui 12.0.12 on this phone genuinely feels like an interactive piece of art. There are things that I don't like about it like the excessive bloatware and the shapes of the icons, but you can change them and beneath that surface level annoyance. You will find extreme levels of Polish, you really get the feeling that they've looked through every animation and every menu and really thought, how do we give this flair. And that's resulted in a software that is far from the cleanest. But it's so rich. For example, when you go to change the wallpaper, you've got all the ones you own, but also an endless feed of other wallpapers automatically retrieved online, don't like them, just refresh it, and you've got more. And if you find a wallpaper you like, you can just set it to find similar images and automatically create a slideshow on your lockscreen. Or let me just show you the settings on this phone. You want to see your storage? Well, it's actually visualized as a tank of water, which even obeys the laws of gravity. If you want even more information, tap and you get everything, then you mean mover application to transfer data from your old phone. That's not exactly something you'd consider a cool experience.

But they put so much work into just making it look good. They've even got a setting here, which fires a certain frequency of sound to get rid of dust from your speakers. There's crazy customization, gaming mode that rivals that of actual gaming phones, you get the idea. And I think the most interesting part of this is that this is the phone pre update Xiaomi is actually promising just one massive update to Mi Ui 12.5 which has just a ton of optimizations specifically for this phone, but we'll hold off on that one will believe it when we see it. And if you're enjoying this video, then a sub to the channel would be Ace, Dini very strange exception to this thoughtfulness is that somehow in the display settings, they've got the resolutions the wrong way round. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. And on that note, there are some things that I don't like nothing that ruins the phone. But just a couple of really strange decisions. Like if you look around this phone, it's got some really nice flourishes like an IR blaster, a dual SIM tray and the waveform like speaker grill, but it just doesn't feel great. I'm usually a big fan of vegan leather, like the Oppo find x2 Pro has this really plush quality to it. But they've made the back of this phone, just a little scratchy and plasticky it feels a lot like Samsung's Galaxy Note4 from 2014. And that finish was not particularly liked. I think the cameras could be a lot neater looking, especially given that there's only three lenses here, I really think that if a phone is going to have text printed on it, it's got to be something special, not literally the word Xiaomi three times, but they do have a glass version of this phone, which I think does have a cleaner overall aesthetic. But then we've got the front of the phone. And I've already said I think the screen itself is awesome.

But it's just that I don't really like what's happening around it. Like I think the concept of the screen, the fact that it's curved from all four sides is a good concept. I think it has the potential to be great. The idea being that smartphones are increasingly gesture based, and that gestures should be smoother if the phone's glasses curved. But the way that they've done it here means that one, screen protectors do not play nicely, then if you can't find one that goes right up until the very edges, it will end up creating a ridge that your thumb just keeps hitting. And to it exaggerates the phone's asymmetry, you realize that the bottom bezel looks like it's a different thickness to the top bezel which in itself looks like it's a different thickness to the side bezels. And what really makes this pop in not a good way is the corners, the corners are the only points where this display doesn't slip off. And so they kind of look like they're jutting out, it's almost like the screen has not been stretched quite right across the canvas of the phone. But you can somewhat address this by using wallpapers that mask the edges. These are all pretty minor gripes in the scheme of things. But there is one slightly more fundamental issue with this phone. But I do need to quickly talk about the camera. Because this is not just the most organized camera experience I've ever had. It's probably the most fun to it's got filters that are much more than just slight single color adjustments. You've got cinematic effects, like Phantom and nostalgia, which change the theme of your shots and kind of hidden away of such a big feature. whole set of movie modes, they use AI to great everything from a dolly zoom effect to the ability to freeze frame just parts of a video to simulating having a slow shutter speed.

And this third little lens here is actually a macro camera. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's a macro camera that's actually quite good. I think I've only ever said that about one other phone in the past before. It's only 5 megapixels, there's nothing crazy. But because it zooms in at the same time as having an incredibly short focusing distance. At times, it genuinely feels like using a microscope. And there's so much more. There's your video, there's long exposure, this Superman mode. The point is, this is a lot of fun. Now, if you wanted a more technical response on that, then I would say this isn't a great set of cameras. It's not quite a plus where I would rank with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it's a hell of a minus like the One Plus 8t you see the main 120 megapixel sensor that we have here is on one hand it's aging. It's technically the same camera that we saw on the mean note 10 from 2019 but on the other hand is Still in almost every scenario, keeping up, it's got stellar detail, almost top tier dynamic range. And some of the most delicious background blur you can get on a phone.

And a lot of shots, you can very clearly see more detail here than on the Samsung, which kind of makes sense because while Samsung converted 108 megapixels down to 12, Xiaomi converts to 27. But I would say that it's low light performance is nowhere near as consistent and pretty easy to blow. But this is actually also the first phone, which has night mode, video. It's very interesting, like this example of normal video from the Xiaomi and the Samsung. And if we turn the feature on, it kind of seems to sacrifice detail for extra brightness and a bit less noise. It's not groundbreaking, but it's more than a gimmick. There is also an ultra wide camera here. And there's a little more to say about it apart from the fact that it's fine. But two things are lacking zoom, this thing kind of sucks at it. And video consistency, it seems to shift color and exposure way more drastically than it should be doing as your subject makes slight movements. Oh, yeah. And the battery capacity is 4600 milliamp hours, it's plenty, I've been running it in what I would call a worst case scenario. And I'm still getting six hours of screen on time.

So that's a quad HD resolution, 120 hertz refresh rate. And every AI mode turned on which it does warn will increase battery drain further. And then for charging, because there isn't a charger in the box. I've just been using a one plus 80 brick, and it's filling it up in just under an hour. Right. So at this point, the Xiaomi Mi 11 almost looks like so much phone for the money, that it's embarrassing for the others. But there is one big asterisk that we've just got to put next to that pricing. Because yes, this phone is the equivalent of $600 does not some sort of marketing trick or early bird sale, that is the base price of the phone, in China. And that's not always an issue. There's a lot of products that release globally, where the price all around the world is fairly constant.

But in the case of Xiaomi phones, I feel like I've seen enough of these launches now to suspect that when this does release in other regions, they're going to make it significantly more expensive. What I'm assuming are three main reasons, one Xiaomi phones are generally made in China. And so naturally, it's going to be more expensive to export them to a lot of other countries, they've whack a load of extra tax on top of that, UK and three in China Xiaomi makes a lot of money from IT services like Xiaomi cloud. And so I think because of that they're perfectly happy making a bit less on products themselves. Whereas this isn't the case in the west where we're very used to Google services. And so because of this with last year's me 10 even though that released at the exact same price that this Xiaomi Mi 11 is releasing out in the UK, it dropped at 799 pounds, which if you convert it back to dollars is over 1000 that's 1.8 times as much money just for the convenience of being local. And so what I would say about this Xiaomi Mi 11 is if it comes to the global launch, and it ends up being the equivalent of $1,000 then wait, I think you might well find something better releasing fairly shortly after, if it comes out to $800 then I would say it's absolutely worth it. And if by some miracle you're able to get it for $600 then shake that person's hand right off. The one thing to just keep in the back of your mind though is that this is the Xiaomi Mi 11 and if history is anything to go by, there will be a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and quite possibly a Mi 11 Ultra and so as crazy powerful as this phone is, if what you're after is the very best of the best. That's probably coming soon. Okay, if you enjoy this video, do consider subscribing. That would be amazing.

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